DC GCH Triumphant's Absolut On Ice

GCH Triumphant's Absolute' JH

CH Millette's Hang Loose

CH Millette's The Cavalier

CH Millette’s French Kiss

CH Triumphant's Absolute Ten JH

BIS CH Jordean Up All Night FD

CH Breezewater's Loki Motion JH

Triumphant Aladdins Love

CH Triumphant Devil’s Advocate JH

CH Triumphant Flyin’ First Class JH

CH Triumphant Devil’N Disguise JH

Encore’s High Octane JH

CH Sterling Oak’s Sir Bentley

Triumphant’s Redd Skye

GCH Diamond Creek’s Whoa Nellie CD RN JH NA NAJ CGC

CH N. Penn's Electric Magic CD RN JH NA NAJ CGC

CH Mt View's Public Image JH

CH Jacis Center Attraction CDX JH OA AXJ

CH Mt View's Precious Gem MH

CH Melridge Two-D Holly MH

CH Jordean A Night To Remember

CH Melridge Two-D Lady Luck

CH Triumphant’s Too Hot To Touch CD RN JH CGC

GCH NAGDC DC AFC Triumphant’s To Hot To Handle JH

CH Triumphant’s Miami Heat SH

CH Jordean All That Jazz JH

 CH Peachcreek Sparkling Sherry

CH Jordean I Kid You Not

CH Peachcreek All That Glitters