Name:  ________________________________________________________________

            Address:  ______________________________________________________________

            City/State/Zip:  __________________________________________________________

            Phone Numbers:  ________________________________________________________


            Name:  __David and Amy Budke_____________________________________________

            Address:  ____947 280th Road_________________________________________________

            City/State/Zip:  ___Elmdale, KS 66850________________________________________

            Phone Numbers:  ____620-273-8573_________________________________________

Puppy Breed:  __Brittany___________________________________________

Sex:     M            F                                  Date of Birth:  _________________________________

AKC Number:  ___________________                          Color:  ___ _____________________________

Sire:  ___ ____________________________________________________________________

            AKC Number:  _____________ _                      DNA Number:  ___________________

            OFA Number:  _____________ _                      CERF Number:  __________________

Dam:  _______________________________________________________________________

            AKC Number:  ____________________                        DNA Number:  ___________________

            OFA Number:  _____________________            CERF Number:  __________________

Total Purchase Price:  _________________________________________________________

Deposit Received on:  __________________________             $ ___________________________

Balance Due Prior to Delivery:  $ __________________________________________________

If a suitable gendered puppy is not available, Buyer may apply the $200 deposit toward another litter, or ask for a full refund.  Any transportation costs or crate costs are extra.

Agreement Terms:

1.         The Seller warrants that the above-described puppy is in good health at the time the Buyer assumes ownership and has received appropriate vaccinations, worming and care.  The Seller will provide the Buyer with proof of current vaccinations and health record.   The puppy can be returned for a full refund if it develops an illness within 3 days of arrival in its new home (documentation must be signed by a veterinarian and will be reviewed by Diamond Creek’s veterinarian for concurrence).  If the new owners choose not to have the puppy evaluated by their veterinarian within 3 days, and the puppy becomes ill, this guarantee of health is voided.

2.      The Seller warrants that if the puppy is diagnosed with hip dysplasia within 30 months from the date of birth, the Buyer may return the dog to the Seller and the Buyer will receive a replacement puppy of like quality at a time mutually agreeable to both the Buyer and the Seller.  Documentation must be from OFA Certification Board, with accompanying descriptions of findings.  Further, the puppy can be returned if it is diagnosed with a debilitating hereditary disease.  The Buyer’s veterinarian must supply documentation of the diagnosis, which will be reviewed by Diamond Creek’s veterinarian.  If there is concurrence that the puppy’s condition is clearly due to a hereditary disease or condition, and not attributed to some other causes or conditions, the Buyer may return the dog to Seller and will receive a replacement puppy of like quality at a time mutually agreeable to both the Buyer and the Seller.

3.   The Seller will provided the Buyer with certificate of pedigree and American Kennel Club Registration papers upon completion of the transaction.  This includes return or payment for airline kennel, payment of shipping fees, clearing of any checks, etc.

 4.   If the puppy is sold as a show prospect, it will be sold on co-ownership with full registration.  The Seller guarantees that the puppy does not have any disqualifying faults for showing in AKC conformation competition.  If the puppy is found to have disqualifying faults, then the Buyer may return the dog to the Seller and will receive a replacement puppy of like quality at a time mutually agreeable to both the Buyer and the Seller.

5.   If the Seller has determined that the puppy is of “pet quality” and is not suitable for breeding, we recommend the puppy be spayed or neutered by the Buyer’s veterinarian by 1 year of age.  In such case, Seller shall provide Buyer with a Limited Registration Certificate.  This dog may not be bred, and the AKC will not register its get.

6.   The Buyer agrees to advise the Seller of the Buyer's intention of breeding the puppy, and provide the information on the breeding partner the puppy will be bred to.  If the Buyer elects to breed the puppy, it must be a minimum of 2 years of age and have its hips OFA certified and eyes cleared prior to breeding.   The Seller must agree that the breeding partner is of good quality, and that the breeding partner must have its hips certified prior to breeding.  Further, the puppy cannot be bred after it is 9 years of age.  These terms apply to all the times the puppy is bred.  The Buyer agrees to spay or neuter the puppy when there is no longer intention of breeding the puppy.

7.   The Buyer agrees that the puppy will reside at the home of the Buyer.  The Buyer will provide the puppy with companionship, proper nutrition, humane treatment, regular veterinary care, heartworm preventative, training, adequate exercise and access to a fenced yard.  The Buyer will maintain the good health and well being of the puppy for the length of the Buyer’s ownership.  If the Seller finds that any of these conditions are not being met, the Buyer will return  the puppy at his/her cost to the Seller.

8.   The Buyer will notify the Seller if for any reason the Buyer cannot keep or care for the puppy.  The Buyer will give the Seller first option for ownership.  If the Seller does not wish to keep the puppy, the Seller will aid in finding a good home for the puppy. If a good home cannot be found within an acceptable time period, the puppy must be returned to the Seller at the Buyer’s expense.  Under no circumstances is the puppy to be given to, sold to or transferred to a humane society, or rescue group, or to another breeder or owner without expressed, written permission of David or Amy Budke.

9.   The kennel name of “Diamond Creek” must appear in the first letters of the puppy’s AKC registered name.

10.  The Buyer must notify the Seller of any change of address.

This agreement is made and signed by both parties to insure the well being and protection of this puppy.  If the Buyer breaches any part of this agreement, the Seller is released from any obligations under this agreement.  No other conditions, guarantees, or obligations concerning the sale of this puppy apply.  This agreement may be modified or amended only in writing and only if signed by the Buyer and the Seller.  The signatures below indicate that the parties have read, understand, and agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.

By:  ____________________________________            Date:  ___________________________


By:  ____________________________________            Date:  ___________________________